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Opening your Doorway to a
New Dimension
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Welcome to ENCORE Security & Automations

Encore test new equipment availbe on the market

At ENCORE we sell, service/maintain, repairs, designs/installations of the following equipments:
  • automatic sliding doors, automatic swing doors
  • automatic sliding gates, automatic swing gates
  • induction loops
  • boomgates(carpark traffic controls)
  • attendance systems & access controls(swipe cards, remotes)
  • and interfacing between brands.

With brands such as, Adis, Auto Ingress, Besam,  BWN/Dorma/AutoEntry, Came, Ditec(Transit, Rex, BIZ), Magnetic, Liftmaster/MDI(Magic Door Industry), BFT, Fadini, TAU,  

At ENCORE, our range of equipments which we offer our clients(you) or a third party's equipment(at your request), to suit the existing equpiments that you may already have on site or preffer. This means we do not press/try to sell our own product, but offer you, our clients the choice to select equipments available on the market, to suit your applications budget and needs.

Our equipments are assembled and tested, here in Australia, to ensure high qaulity control.

It is important to have your equipment service regularly to ensure they work well as it's intended design with durability/reliability/longevity of your equipments, saving money in the long term. Our scheduled servicing includes a conditional report at each service for each equipment, whether its yearly, half yearly or quarterly. Identifying problems and rectifying it before it can cause further damages and inconveniences to you. This in turn saves you money and keep your tenants and staff happy.

Equiped with hand programmer to cover various range of doors and gate operators, we get your doors/gate fixed with minimal down time.

At Encore we are the one stop shop for automatic doors/gate and access control needs. Imagine having a door company and a security company, and when your door stops working, making the choice of who to call? Well the answer is simple, your first port of call shall be ENCORE, as we can diagnose your door and the interface of access controls. If there's a problem with the door, we'll fix it then and there, if your building management system is faulty and/or needs attentionthen, we will advice you.

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