Encore test new equipment availbe on the market

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  • Alarm status checking via remote request
  • Auto unlock/Disarming when approaching vehicle
  • Auto lock/arming when leaving vehicle
  • AVOID Parking fines, real time clock and parking timer
  • Back light LCD display(makes seeing in the dark easy)
  • Courtesy Dome light on(10, 60seconds)
  • FM Technology, Alarm feeedback/paging upto 1500m, line of site without obstructions
  • Fully Programmable Functions
  • Interfacing output for window lifters and central locking
  • Programmable auto start to keep engine warm from ice/snow(1,2,3,4,8,24 hours)^
  • Reservation start to prevent cars being start in gear(manual cars)
  • Remote starting(to warm up engine before driving off)^
  • Shock Sensors(standard)
  • Turbo Timer(3minutes) to protect high performance engines^
  • Vibrating remotes for meetings, functions, seminars
  • Vehicle finder(lost in car parks)
          ^ Cars without factory immobiliser

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