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About Us
We are proud to be an Australian owned & operated company. Our proven success reflects' our professionalism, high level of customer care and excellences in service, yet personal. In doing so, we have succeeded where others failed. From the initial call till the time your equipment(automatic doors, automatic gates, boomgate) is fixed, we keep you in the loop/feedback/status of your doors and/or equipments, at ENOCRE we belive and know communication is the key to our success.

Our services extends to Councils, Commercial Buidling & Shopping Centres, Industrial and Strata management Companies.

At ENCORE we respond to our clients needs, by making changes to our way of operations. To exemplify, installations can happen at short notice(pending powder coating and/or fabrications etc), as our equipment is keep on hand.

Our Objective is, "To ensure all our clients gets all the service they require and attention they need, when it comes to doors/gates, without prejudice of size."

We never stop in the quest to find better ways, to do things, to better service our clients(YOU).  We believe that each and every client are individauls when it comes to doors/gates, one method/practice can not apply to all. In doing this we know our clients will be back for more of our personal, yet professional service.

At ENCORE, we're "Opening your doorway to a new Dimension".

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Opening your Doorway to a
New Dimension
Welcome to ENCORE Security & Automations
AVOID parking fine
(Real time clock & timer)
Auto disarm and locking
Programmable functions
Programmable Starting*
Remote starting*
*(non immoblisher car only)
Shock sensor
Sturdy remotes
Tubro Timer
Vibrating remote
Upto 1500m feedback/paging
Window lifter interface
Vehicle finder
Alarm status request
Dome light courtesy
Backlight LCD

p: 1300 79 59 02 | f:  (02) 9753 5661 | e:
Encore has now joined
forces with RIB, Italy.
This means we can offer
the Best gate operating equipments.
Direct from Italy.
Sliding Gate Motors
Swing Gate Motors
Cable Gates
and Lots more

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